Up All Night (2011) // Take Me Home (2012) // Midnight Memories (2013)

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I hate people generally, but I like people individually. —

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This is perfect

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@Alyssal12: Zayn and Niall at the grove today 

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September 20th ‘12

twerk-it-larry remember this

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a photoset of zayn and mac & cheese

my english teacher made the whole class write down qualities they like about themselves on a piece of paper to look at every day at the beginning of class from now on. she said the reason for this is that teenagers are taught to seek out the bad in themselves and seem to have lower self esteem now more than ever. she said there’s nothing wrong with telling yourself that you’re beautiful. listen to my english teacher.

August 16th ‘14


i like the color green but i like you more,

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yes i am a boy. yes that is a banana in my pocket. no i am not happy to see you